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Modern Slaughterhouse Equipment
Use our superior quality Modern Slaughter House Equipments which are available in different categories. They are used in cutting of animals, removing odors and many more. They are featured by easy to use, give excellent performance, and are highly durable.
Meat Processing Equipments
Use our superior quality Meat Processing Equipments which are available in several categories with different specifications. They are used to cut meats and used in the meat shops and allied areas. Moreover, they work perfectly and give no bad results.
Slaughterhouse Accessories
We deal in wide range of Slaughterhouse Accessories which are easy to use and maintain. They are used for slaughterhouse purposes. They are corrosion free, easy to install and have compact size.
Buffalo & Sheep goat slaughterline
Use our high grade quality Cattle Slaughters which are used  in meat industries or shops and allied areas. They work perfectly, function smoothly without any kind of problem, provide excellent result and require less maintenance.
Rendering plant
We provide Rendering Plants to the clients'. They are suitable  for various places such as in processing buffaloes, sheep, chicken and many more. These plants are safe, and perform trouble free functioning and are user friendly.
Sheep Slaughter
This range of Sheep Slaughters is nice option to slaughter, cut and scald carcasses without any damage or contamination. Designed with utmost precision, these systems are popular for their user friendly quality and long lasting nature.
Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plants provided by us are known for their excellent filtration performance and application of latest technology. These plants have low operating cost and their maintenance charge is  less.
Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plants provided by us have excellent pollutant removal performance. These plants have maximum 15000 kg weight. These need 0.55 kw power and 380v voltage to function. Provided plants occupy less installation space.
Cylindrical shaped and horizontally aligned pressure vessels are used as suitable storage containers for holding gases, fluids, steam and vapor at specific pressure range. Enclosed body of these industrial vessels is weather protected and has standard diameter. Offered cylindrical vessels have internal temperature controlling arrangement.
Poultry rendering plants have significant role in minimizing environmental pollution caused by disposal of poultry waste ( tissues, bones, carcasses, blood and feather of chicken).  Offered plants have advanced equipments needed for conditioning, sterilizing, hydrolyzing and drying of these waste materials to transform these into usable materials under hygienic condition.

"We deals in Caught Hooks."
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