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All the activities from consultancy to designing through manufacturing and installation are maneuvered by our experts, focused to attain desired efficiency and quality. Besides, we also provide excellent after sales services to ensure complete convenience to our clients. 

JD Engineering has also been engaged in providing consultancy in Turn-key Contracting Services.


In order to achieve the industrial goals we have set for us and reach the milestones, we abide by a set of values, that have been ingrained at fundamental levels in our policy and operations, to keep us focused and grow as an organization. The real objective behind them is to empower our clients with an all round better alternative that can pioneer a visible increase in the net productivity, and consequently, help us gain their trust. Following are the values that we abide by, with utmost dedication and diligence:

  • Providing class leading services to consumers and help them grow with us
  • Committeemen and dedication towards a better future by making sound use of modern technology
  • A productive environment for our workforce that is characterized by team work, honesty and integrity
  • Adoption of ethical business practices and their fair execution with the welfare of our clients in mind


We are thankful to our highly ambitious and skilled professionals whose utmost dedication and sincerity towards their respective tasks and their pursuit of excellence has kept us at the vanguard of the next breakthrough in the domain. Our team, that consists of 280 personnel, is made up of technical experts, skilled engineers, experienced designers, quality controllers and marketing personnel, whose combined efforts have kept us afloat and granted us the capability to design class leading machines. It is due to their diligent efforts that we have been able to solidify our status as a noted Manufacturer and Provider of Rendering and Slaughter House Equipments.




Our greatest strength, and the reason behind our astounding success and growth, has been our quality management policy that directs us to implement international standards in our offerings, so that they can excel at all parameters of performance and efficiency. To ensure that the former is accomplished and exhibited by our range of Rendering Plants and Modern Slaughter House equipments, we perform a number of tests at different stages of the production cycle at our certified laboratories to ensure that our offerings are truly worth the premium they command:

  • Dye Penetrant Check
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasonic examinations as per code requirements
  • Physical and chemical testing of raw materials (plates and pipes)

This is going to be achieved through an effective implementation of quality management system and continual improvement resulting into quality of product in time delivery and optimum cost.


We always ensure to provide complete satisfaction to the patrons by offering valuable equipment and systems of varied capacities as per the specific requisites. Our unmatched facilities and modern processing techniques have helped us establish a strong foothold in this competitive business arena. We deliver the products at best prices in the industry and make sure its timely delivery. For this, we have a reliable transportation support. Some of the major factors that have boosted our success in the market are as follow:

  • Best quality products
  • Matchless turnkey services  
  • Competitive pricing
  • Modern production methods
  • Team of skilled professionals and engineers
  • Strict quality checks
  • High end products and services


We are ranked amongst the top most manufacturing and supplying company of fully automated Modern Slaughter House (Abbattoir) and Animal Rendering Plant Equipments, all of whom are renowned for unmatched performance and reliability, paving the way for increased productivity and net yield. We follow an approach that makes ample use of the modern technology and fit our offerings with the latest innovations to make our range of plant equipments stand out and satisfy our valuable clients, exceeding their expectations by a heavy margin. Following are the wares that can be availed:

  • Modern Slaughter House Equipments
  • Halal Knocking Box
  • Landing Grate & Blood Collection Pen
  • Integrated Lifting System
  • Bleed And Dressing Conveyor System
  • Hide Puller
  • Evisceration Station
  • Head And Offal Inspection Conveyor
  • Carcass Splitting Moving Platform With Screen
  • Fixed Platforms
  • Quartering Station
  • Roller Shackle
  • Dressing Hooks
  • Chutes
  • Emergency Slaughter
  • Electrical Panel With PLC Control
  • Online Weighing Scale
  • Chillier Line
  • Blood Tank Agitator
  • Tripe Machine
  • Hoof Cleaning Machine
  • Hoof Removing Machine
  • Steel Table For Deboning
  • G.I. Racks For Blast Freezer
  • Vibrating Screen For Blood
  • Blood Coagulator
  • Dryer
  • Pipe & Fittings
  • Electric Panel 
  • S.S. Blood Tank
  • Rendering Plant Equipments
  • Prebreaker Infeed Conveyor
  • Pre Breaker 8t/Hrs
  • Conveyor Prebreaker To Raw material Bin
  • Raw Material Bin
  • Conveyor Raw Material To Cooker Feeding
  • Cooker Feeding Conveyor
  • Batch & Continuous Cooker
  • Percolating Bin Conveyor
  • Screw Press Feeding Conveyor
  • Screw Press Over Head Feeding Conveyor
  • Screw press
  • Screw Discharge Conveyor
  • Cake Bin
  • Hammer Mill Feeding Conveyor
  • Hammer Mill
  • Hammer Mill Discharge Conveyor
  • MBM Bin
  • MBM Discharge Conveyor
  • S.S. Cyclone
  • S.S. Condenser
  • Fume Blower, Ducting And Bio Filter
  • Cooling Tower
  • Tallow Tanks
  • Tallow Settling Tanks
  • Spriax Steam Valves, Steam Traps Pumps, Pipe Lines Etc
  • Electrical Panel Of Rendering Plant
  • Boiler
  • De-Watering Press
  • Progressive Feed Pump For Blood

"We deals in Caught Hooks."

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